MdBio Foundation Programs


College & Career Readiness


Sparking interest in STEM in Baltimore City

Meeting the need: Authentic career experiences for students

MdBio Foundation leverages its established, trusted relationships with private industry and school systems to create authentic STEM career experiences on its mobile laboratory, MdBioLab and through summer programs. These experiences provide a unique opportunity for students to observe first-hand the types of careers they could pursue. Students and teachers who participate gain increased access to information about bioscience industry products, research, and related careers through project and inquiry-based laboratory experiences that are aligned with local, state, and national curriculum standards.

MdBio Foundation is also host to the Maryland BioGENEius Challenge, the state’s premier competition for high school that recognizes outstanding research in biotechnology. Winners have the opportunity to advance and compete at the national and international BioGENEius Challenge levels.

Deepening the Impact

MdBio Foundation has introduced two new programs in 2013 to increase the reach and deepen the impact of MdBioLab and other programs. These new programs, IGNITE and ATLAS, not only meet the goal of increasing awareness and interest in STEM-related careers, but focus Foundation efforts for groups that are typically underrepresented in STEM.

Serious gaming

It only sounds like an oxymoron. Continuing its leadership in science education, MdBio Foundation is developing an immersive learning environment to improve bioscience learning outcomes and challenge students through game-based learning. The Foundation has engaged educators and leading researchers who agree that integrating new strategies and technology-based learning skills through educational gameplay leverages the power of computer and entertainment games to captivate and engage students in ways that traditional learning environments cannot.