About MdBio Foundation, Inc.

MdBio Foundation sparks interest in life-changing career opportunities in science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) for underserved communities. We do this through innovative, effective and experiential STEM education programs for middle school and high school students, and workforce development programs for adults.

MdBio Foundation, Inc. has been providing innovative and effective bioscience education for middle and high school students since 1997. The non-profit (501c 3) organization is dedicated to providing bioscience awareness, education, and workforce development in the state of Maryland and beyond. The Foundation accomplishes this through a diverse set of programs including the flagship program MdBioLab, summer programs, and the leading-edge game-based learning platform MdBioSphere.

Commitment to Excellence

Since its inception, The MdBio Foundation has contributed more than $3.5M of its resources to these programs and will continue to invest more than $500K each year. The Foundation’s staff consists of talented and experienced educators and scientists who share a common goal of improving science education and creating a more accessible, educational experience.

Great partners make great programs

Over its pioneering 20-year history, MdBio Foundation has forged strategic partnerships with a broad range of leading businesses, universities, governmental agencies, and community-based organizations. These include: Johns Hopkins University, University of Maryland, MedImmune, J. Craig Venter Institute, Fisher Scientific, The NIH Foundation, BreakAway Ltd., Montgomery College, Towson University, VWR and many more.

Initial funding for MdBioLab resulted from a partnership between University of Maryland Biotechnology Institute (UMBI), The Institute of Genomic Research (TIGR) and MdBio. Since then, numerous bioscience organizations and institutions of higher learning have volunteered, supported, or partnered with MdBio Foundation.