Engaging Students through 21st Century Learning Tools


Continuing its leadership in STEM education, MdBio Foundation is developing an immersive learning environment called MdBioSphereTM to improve STEM learning outcomes, engage students in underserved communities, and challenge exceptional students. MdBioSphere will be a collection of serious video games that cover a wide variety of biology topics while incorporating mathematics, chemistry, and other cross-disciplinary content. The games will be designed for the formal education setting and are consistent with Common Core State Standards (CCSS) and Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS).

The first of many games for the platform is Survival!, a classroom complement to learning high school genetics. Survival! integrates a series of challenging educational mini-games that tests a student’s proficiency and provides critical milestones to teachers. The topics in Survival! have been identified by high school teachers as subject areas that are particularly challenging to students, thus enhancing their curriculum for greater learning impact.

MdBioSphere Goals

The primary goal of this effort is to develop a validated and engaging game-based learning tool, ready for adoption in the education market, specifically to support high school science students learning STEM-related curriculum outlined in the Next Generation Science Standards. Additionally, the MdBio Foundation is committed to developing a first-rate product that is cost-effective and scalable for school systems across the United States. Further, MdBioSphere will provide individualized learning experiences for students that bolster interest in STEM related coursework.

Why Serious Gaming?

Serious games are a highly interactive medium that supplement traditional educational modalities.

Game-based learning:

  • Adapts to the pace of the user
  • Presents information in multiple visual and auditory modes, capitalizing on different learning styles
  • Provides continuous, immediate feedback with tailored instruction and cognitive modeling
  • Encourages experiential, inquiry-based learning
  • Promotes self-efficacy, goal setting, and cooperation

Meeting students where they are, while filling a critical economic need

Outside of the classroom setting, students are well versed in video game use. Approximately 46 million K-12 students are current gamers. MdBioSphere is designed to leverage the power of video games to captivate and engage users in education-oriented gameplay while sparking interest in lucrative and economically viable STEM-related careers.

Try our beta test games

We recommend Google Chrome to play these games.


Sorting Genetics



Sorting Genetics can be used to practice genotype and phenotype. The game must be downloaded and installed on a computer. It is played in a browser window but does not require an active internet connection. Player will be asked to login; this is to track play data on player’s local machine only. No specific login required to play.

Play Sorting Genetics



 DNA Mutations


DNA Mutations can be used to practice finding single base mutations in chromatograms and amino acid chains, and identifying mutation type (insertion, deletion or substitution). The game is played in a browser window and requires an active internet connection. No download is required. Player will be asked to login; this is to track play data on player’s local machine only. No specific login required to play.

Play DNA Mutations